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When we started Sweetie, we had one goal in mind: to create a company that would improve and enhance the everyday relationship between dog-human.

The idea came to us when we were planning a daytrip with our cocker spaniel Sweetie. As a family we love long peaceful walks in the countryside, to cure to any city stress. Naturally, Sweetie would participate in all family activities and to all these outdoor excursions. Like all canines, she loved to run around, she was very playful, alert and active enjoying any exercise from a brisk walk to ball hunting in the field.

When going on a long walk or even short walk with your best four legged friend, you need to gear up with some basic items like food/water bowl, doggie bags for cleaning up after your dog, a toy/ball to keep them occupied, treats and the list goes on and on.

So, every time we started planning an excursion and gathering our necessities together, we realized that we needed a small extra bag full of items just for Sweetie. As I shopped around for a cute bag for our Sweetie, I realized that there where a ton of options, but nothing that I really wanted for me seen holding. It seemed that not many suppliers where actually looking at the quality, the details around convenience and durability. At the end of the day I felt that they were selling commodities with no design, safety and definitely no guarantee. This was not OK for my Sweetie and it surely didn’t fit with my style either.

That’s when we decided what we wanted to do; we wanted to make our lives and dog’s life easier to share outdoor adventures with our dog, to entertain her and of course have safety and convenience in mind. But, it was going to be a long road. As of that day we pursued it, we did extensive research, spoke to many suppliers and pet parents to see what the basic needs where. We created our very own Sweetie dog treat bag that would be durable, practical, of good quality with a zest of design. The Sweetie dog treat bag was our passport for the development and launch of all the other products which led to complete the range of leads, collars and quality accessories in total.

We decided to name the brand in memory of our beloved dog Sweetie, which we lost a few years later, and create all our products with a pinch of orange, on logo. During our branding process we found out that the orange is the color of animal protection awareness. We want to make all dogs happy, not just the ones that are in a good home and can afford to buy Sweetie products. It’s also about the dogs that need a good home or a better home. We’re really committed to this, thus starting off cooperation’s with rescues and shelters to donate one of our specially made products for each adoption.

Then, and now, everything we do is focused on delivering more smiles, more quality, more love to our clients and their dogs. Thus our tagline, Sweetie pet care products to put a smile on our dogs faces and pet parents.

These words also make our positioning statements. But they are much more than that, for us, they are a way of life and a way of doing business. These three promised of “more” are integrated in our corporate and personal DNA.

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