Training Your Dog at Home! Never been easier

It is fun to keep a pet at home, but it also calls for a couple of obligations to fulfil. Take note that what your dog does is always out of habit. Thus, if you tolerate his bad habits, he will not be able to outgrow them.

Puppies are but young and don't have a mind of their own. They are utterly dependent on you, so it is your task to assist them to let go of their bad habits and develop the good ones. You and your leadership skills will, therefore, guide your dog towards the right path in terms of honing the dogs' behaviour, habits, and temperament. That is why the main reason why dog obedience and socialization pieces of training are very much necessary.

Separation anxiety often attacks young dogs. So, they usually cry, bark, chew and do a lot of annoying things. You have to understand that it is also hard for him to adjust to his new environment. Thus, it would be best if you started with the house training activities by setting boundaries, introducing new areas, and letting him know those activities that you can tolerate and not.

Don't be violent when your dog doesn't seem to understand at once. Potty training, leadership training, are not achieved overnight. You have to use lots of praises, rewards, and encouragement. It is always best to start as soon as possible, so his old ways will be corrected. Incorporate fun sessions during the training. Use commands frequently. Whenever necessary, impose a punishment but not something that will agitate him and cause him to fight back. Say, for example, you didn't like his behaviour, ignore him. He will surely try getting your attention but be stern not until he does what he is told.


Leaning the Socialization Skills

The dog's socialization period is said to fall in his first 16 weeks of puppyhood. It is the time when he develops into an adult dog. Therefore, you must expect that it is also the time frame when he changes his temperament, behaviour, habits, and character. The socialization period is also the time that he gets adjusted to his family and the people in the household.

It is best to let him become familiar with the house and the people around him. It helps to expose him to some animals too. Through this way, it conditions him that it is not only him that exists in that area. Take him out for a walk, so he will see what lies beyond the gates of your home. In this way, he will not go wild whenever he sees other objects, animals, and people apart from the members of his family.

Sweetie Tip: During the dog obedience and socialization training, you should arm yourself with a dose of patience. Your pet lacks maturity, so it is your responsibility to handle the matter thoroughly. He imitates what he sees, so you better act accordingly.

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