"Perfect length and control, great quality and comfort.

I am using this together with Sweetie Dog Lead Splitter and it works great. And the addition of traffic control handle is brilliant - it is in a perfect spot to securely control your dogs, but not too short to walk over them. I was a user of 2 retractable leads for 3 years and I did not know how much more pleasant lead-on walks can be. No more untangling every few minutes, perfect control of the dogs in sudden occurrences (you know: cats, dogs, seagull, flying leaf...), no more running after the dog, trying to retract the lead, no more jumping around untangling myself. It takes a moment to get used to bungees as you feel (falsely) that you lose control, while it's stretching, but after few walks it is easy to appreciate lack of sudden pulls and strains on your shoulder and arm, especially when you had a seriously torn muscle just a year ago. First time ever I also can have BOTH my hands free during the walk, just having lead hanged safely on my wrist. I also have a great fun watching my 2 dogs (6kg and 7kg) how they learn to walk in harmony. The length is perfect to keep controlling your dogs, but to also allow them to have fair amount of freedom to explore independently. It's comfortable and great quality."


Like a Tardis on a strap :)

This bag is amazing. I can get a small bottle of water, my inhaler, dog wipes, and a handful of biscuits in the main pocket, phone in the front pocket, keys in the rear - and still have a bit of room if needed. The poo bag dispenser is a tight fit, as others have mentioned, but if you take a few off the roll and put them in the mesh bit in the bag for ease of access, the roll fits in better. Haven't used the collapsible bowl yet ( Chewy-Dog prefers to drink out of the dirty stream and puddles!) , but it will be a godsend come the warm weather.


Best Dog Training & Control lead ever!

Our two Border Collie Sheepdogs are in training and have enermous strengths at 30 weeks. I have in the past tried various leads and have had either sore hands or a total feeling of lack of control. With these Sweetie dog rope/ leads you always feel in control and having two handles makes them tremendously versatile. No more strained or weak arms from dog pull! In fact the dogs seem to respond easier and have stopped pulling on each walk today, probably it is because they feel they are under control of the master. Now they “stand” when told and are much more controlable. Having worked dogs for fifty years I can honestly say this is the best lead ever and it does not hurt or burn your hands neither. Best Buy this year! Awaiting the hands free version so when in the fields we can retain one dog whilst working the other. Now some weeks on since buying and these are the best dog leads ever...They even wash nicely when they have got them muddy! Totals control and no more pulling! The lady who designed and sells these is a genius! Good Quality and value!


Quality, wouldn't be without!!

I have a very energetic 2 year old sprocker spaniel (18kg) and this lead an belt is excellent!! I am a runner and also use this lead for long distance walking. It has plenty of length to remain at a safe distance and has the two handles to hold for control around roads and other dogs. It's made from quality material and feels strong and secure. Belt adjusts smaller and larger though it does have a maximum, which means it has to sit on my hips as it doesn't go small enough for my waist. The pouch is very handy for phone keys and poo bags, though a little bulky for running...perhaps it wouldn't be so if it was tighter to my waist. Nether the less I would highly recommend and would happily buy again!


Perfectly balanced and feel totally in control.

I volunteer at a municipal kennel in the Algarve and getting the dogs out at least a couple of times a week is a real priority. Being able to walk two dogs at a time enusures that this happens. We have purchased various split leads in the past however the volunteers have never felt that safe as the split has been two near the hand part. This split lead is perfect, you feel totally in control and not having dogs running off in different directions. I can not recommend it enough, hopefully we can raise more funds next year to purchase some more.