5 Ways to get fit with your dog

If you’re bored of the gym then it’s a great time to get active with your sweetie. Dogs need exercise just as much as we do, and a lack of stimulation is a common reason for destructive behaviour. Getting enough exercise will stop your sweetie from feeling bored and restless, and you’ll have a happy pooch!

These activities are all great fun for both you and your best friend.

1. Walking 

Walking has loads of health benefits for you and your dog. We all know fresh air and daylight is a natural mood-booster, so get out and pound the pavement! Want a good cardio workout? Just pick up to a brisk pace. Don’t forget to take plenty of treats and perhaps a tennis ball to keep your dog interested.


Dogs make the best running buddies! Canicross originates from the dog-sledding world and it's basically hands-free running with your best friend. What could be better?

The Canicross lead is so simple to use, just fasten it around your waist and off you go. If you love trekking through the woods and wilderness this is the sport for you.

If you have a dog that pulls then let them take the reigns and pull you up those steep hills!

3. Dog dancing (Heelwork to music)


Dance (or heelwork to music) is the perfect bonding activity for you and your dog. You don't need to aim for Britain's Got Talent – what could be more fun than a bedroom boogie with your bestie? 

Even the most basic moves will look really impressive, and there's no equipment required. As well as burning calories, dance will improve your dogs balance and coordination, and is excellent mental stimulation. 

Clicker training will help them to learn the moves quicker especially if you hope to progress in the sport.  

Here's a useful video to help you get started https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06LY5GWBsVY 

4. Agility


This high-octane sport is a serious cardio workout for you and your dog.

You will both work through a series of jumps, tunnels and frames at a pace that suits you and your sweetie.

While Agility is ideal for working breeds like Border Collies and Spaniels, slower breeds will also find the sport great fun.

This mentally demanding sport will help to improve their behaviour and focus. The equipment doesn't come cheap but you can find a local club via https://ukagility.com/.

Carry a treat bag round the course so that you are always ready to reward your clever pooch!



This low-impact sport is perfect for old-timers and dogs with health conditions. Hoopers is inclusive and easy on the joints, offering the same benefits as agility without the risk of injury. For your local club details visit https://www.caninehoopersuk.co.uk/ 

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