Paw-some Facts! Let’s Check out the following 10 facts about man’s best friend. Woof woof!

1. Dogs understand up to 250 words and gestures, which makes them as smart as toddlers!




2. Puppies are born deaf, but as they get older, they can hear four times farther than their owners can.



3. Dogs do have a sense of time, and they miss their owners when they leave.




4. Dogs and humans have similarly structured brains.



5. Dogs can learn to count and to solve simple math problems.



6. Dogs don’t like hugs.



7. Dogs curl up in a ball when sleeping to protect their most sensitive parts.



8. Snoopy, from the famous Peanut Comic strips, is a Beagle.



9. Dogs can’t regrow damaged or lost teeth, and if they lose one, they lose it for good.



10. Dogs love Snow because they can hunt and dig holes in it.


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