Planning a beach trip with your dog?

The seaside is the ideal place to keep your dog cool on a hot summer day, and many dogs will love the exciting new smells and textures - from the sand in their fur, to chasing seagulls, to the irresistible aroma of fish 'n' chips. A trip to the beach is great fun for your dog, but there are a few things to consider before setting off. 

Find a dog-friendly beach

Sadly many of the most popular tourism hotspots don't allow dogs during summer season but the good news is that there are plenty of dog-friendly beaches in the UK and they tend to be much quieter locations. 

Check with the local tourist information centre before you go and be prepared for an extra walk or tram ride to find a good spot of sand where your sweetie can stretch their paws. 

Check tides and safety info

Being by the sea is the perfect summer day out, but be aware of potential hazards that could spoil your trip. If you're not familiar with the water then your local RNLI can help you find a safe area to bathe. 

Don't let your sweetie swim out in rough waters where they could get swept out to sea. Watch out for jellyfish, quicksand, mud and sandbanks where you may get cut off by incoming tides. 

You'll want to dry your sweetie after their paddle so don't forget to pack a towel. 

Pack a collapsible water bowl

Digging holes in the sand is thirsty work, so be sure to take some drinking water to keep your sweetie hydrated. This collapsible bowl is perfect to take on your travels so you can quench your dogs thirst on the go. Treats are always a good idea too!


Keep your sweetie cool

We all love the sun, but your sweetie can get very hot under all that fur! Check the temperature of the ground by touching it with your hand - if it feels too hot then put down a blanket, towel or cooling mat for your dog to lie on. 


A cooling bandana is a great way to keep your dog cool - and if you don't have a freezer to hand then simply rinse it in sea water. 


Why not treat your best friend to an ice cream?


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