Sweetie tips for walking & grooming your dog in winter

It's not always easy walking with your pet in cold temperatures and extreme weather conditions. Winter can pose some real risks to your pets while outside. Wet, matted, and long hair can make your fur babies more susceptible to infection. However, most dogs will still need to have daily walks and extra grooming regimen. 

Thus, read these Sweetie winter dog tips to keep your pet safe, comfortable, and healthy on cold-weather walks.

Plan ahead, keep it short & walk in the day.

You must schedule your dog's daily walk in the daylight hours, preferably. Not only will it likely be warmer for you and your dog, but you will be more visible to others. Rather than taking a long route, limit your walks. Keep the longer walks for better sunny days. Pay attention to your dog's body language. If your pup keeps picking up his paws, licking them, whining or shivering, take them home immediately. These are indications your dog is too cold! He may need a coat and boots.

Wear cute doggy accessories such as boots, coat or sweater.

Don't you agree that dogs look so cute with coats and sweaters? They can be instrumental, too. While some dogs have a fur coat that can withstand cold temperatures and wick away moisture, many dogs don't. A dog coat protects your pup, keeps them warmer for longer and helps avoid getting them wet and chilled. 

Boots are also beneficial for all dogs in the winter. They protect them from harsh weather elements, such as snow and ice, which can dry out paws and make your dog chill faster.

Winter dog boots also keep your dog's sensitive foot pads from salt and chemicals that are to remove ice. In case your BFF doesn't like boots a paw wax can act as a barrier that is nearly as effective as boots.

First aid, your pet's paws and moisturise.

If your dog's paws do happen to split and there is an open sore, taking appropriate dog first aid care is crucial. Clean your dog's wound first with water. Use an antibacterial first aid spray or lotion for pets to prevent infection—wrap area with a clean gauze or pet bandage.

After you have cleaned your pet's paws, use a pet-safe skin conditioner or paw wax to prevent them from drying out. Coconut oil is an excellent choice. Not only is it an effective moisturiser, but it is a healthy source of fats and vitamins when ingested, too. While paws are still healing, make sure they wear boots to keep irritants out and to protect the wounds from reopening.

Brush your BFF coat and give them a warm bath.

After a romp in the city or woods, a warm and cosy bath would be the best way to end his and your walk.

By brushing their hair after a walk, you stimulate the natural oils and distribute them throughout their coat, keeping them moisturised and well-conditioned. Brushing also helps maintain the perfect temperature, so they stay comfortable at all times. Then prepare a nice warm, not hot, tub for your pooch. Make sure to use mild and non-drying shampoo as well as a nourishing conditioner for best results. Your dog's fur must be completely dry after each bath, use a blow dryer if needed. Since your dog won't be going out as much during winter, consider trimming their nails weekly or when required since they won't wear their nails down. 

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